June 13, 2024
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Info About Broadway Theatre


Broadway theatre is definitely a symbol of New York City. It is classic New York. When anyone says Broadway, we instantly think about New York City and Manhattan.

As you all know, Broadway refers to some theatrical performances which are presented in more than 40 professional theatres, each of which are fitted with 500 or more seats. They are all located in the theatre district, Lincoln Centre and midtown in Manhattan in New York City.

Info About Broadway Theatre

You can also catch some performances in London’s West End. They represent some of the highest levels of commercial live theatre experiences in the English-speaking parts of the world.

In this guide, I am going to be imparting some knowledge about Broadway theatre. They all closely identify with Times Square, and only a few theatres are located on Broadway itself. There are smaller venues, and they are referred to as off-Broadway. You will be able to catch some amazing performances in the theatres. They all have significant theatrical value, and you will have an amazing time if you are interested in theatre and drama.

The theatre district is definitely one of the biggest tourist attractions in New York City. According to the Broadway League, from the year 2018 to 2019, the attendance was more than 14 million in the Broadway shows, and the grossed more than $1.8 billion. Before the coronavirus pandemic ruined it all for all of us, the attendance had spiked to 15,000,000 people. Tickets actually start at $100 each. For some performances, it could be more. The ticket prices actually vary, depending on what kind of seats you choose.

New York did not exactly have a very significant presence of theatre until the year 1750. From 1750, people started getting interested in theatre. They assembled a theatre of 280 people, and they presented some plays of Shakespeare and some ballad operas.

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A lot of people started getting interested in it, and then, New York City started transforming to the city that we know and love. I am sure you know about the 2000 seat Park theatre. It definitely is a spectacle to behold.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Broadway theatres initially close in March 2020. It shattered 16 shows that were playing, and the shut down was extended to 1 April, then to me and then to join. It is not open till September 2020. Even in September, they extended the lockdown till January 2021. The 74th Tony awards have also been postponed, and they will be held virtually, with the help of the Internet in later months of 2020. It is safe to assume that no Broadway shows are taking place, on Broadway, because of the pandemic.

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