April 23, 2024
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Facts About Broadway You Probably Had No Idea About


Broadway theatre, which is also commonly known as Broadway, is an amazing set of theatres which are placed in New York City, in Manhattan to be precise. There are 41 theatres in total, and they span across Manhattan, thoroughfare which is in the beating heart of New York City. It is also at the heart of the performing arts culture area. Broadway has become a really famous integral part of NYC. Whether you happen to be a Broadway enthusiast or not, some of these facts will actually intrigue you, and you will be surprised. I highly suggest seeing a show if you are in Broadway, after the coronavirus pandemic.

Since March 2020, Broadway has actually shut down production of all the shows. All the theatres have been locked down in hopes of controlling the spread of the virus. It is not ideal and advisable together people for shows, because the virus can spread easily, in such places.

Facts About Broadway

Broadway tickets actually start at $100 or more. You can get great deals with the help of the Internet.

Let us get started with those facts, shall we?

  1. Broadway was actually called “The Great White Way”. The theatre district was actually one of the first streets in New York City, to be completely illuminated by white electric bulbs in the 1890s and that is why it got the name which I have stated above. Ever since the year 1910, the Broadway signage was completely illuminated with beautiful bulbs as the architects realised the advertising potential of these beautiful lights. Lights did a fantastic job at attracting people. That is why people started adding the lights to the streets as well. The Broadway shows started doing really well.
  2. The Broadway lights were actually dimmed during World War I and public demand force the government to increase the coal relation of the city so that they can restore the lights.
  3. Broadway also happens to be the longest Street in New York City. Broadway runs for a full 33 miles and 18 of which are not even within the city limits of New York City. It begins from lower Manhattan at Bowling Green and runs north to the Bronx all the way to Albany, which is outside of New York City.

The Phantom Of The Opera is world-famous for being the longest-running show in Broadway. It opened in the year 1988, and it is running its fourth decade. Stellar performances have kept it running. 2018, marks the 30th anniversary of the performance and it has been performed over 12,500 times. It has been stated in front of 18 million people. Once the theatre opens up, I highly suggest you go check it out.

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